DEL and DSHS dissolved; new agency to oversee children and families...

Washington lawmakers are working to combine the administrative functions of the Department of Early Learning and the Department of Social and Health Services into a new agency. The Department of Children, Youth, and Families will oversee state functions related to children. An oversight board and ombudsman office will monitor the new agency and provide a way for people with concerns to be heard. Read more here

HAPO Is Latest Credit Union To Add Commercial Lending Services

In Washington, 41 of the 55 state-chartered credit unions offer “member business lending.” They had $44.1 billion in assets and a combined business lending program totaling $3.5 billion. Richland-based HAPO joins a growing number of credit unions adding business lending to a service lineup that was once limited to checking and savings accounts, car loans and residential mortgages. Click to read more

Battle of the Budgets Begins for Proposed New State Agency

House Democrats have released their proposed 2017-19 operating budget that includes over $7 billion in increased basic education spending over four years and a variety of new taxes to pay for it, including a capital gains income tax.  At a Monday, March 27 press conference, top-ranking House leaders argued their proposal would comply with the 2012 McCleary decision while providing sufficient funding for other state programs. Read More.