Washington Business Advocates attorney Elizabeth Steen and our team previously helped small business owners and licensees who were investigated and fined by the state of Washington.

We stopped because it is increasingly difficult to provide a cost-effective service. By the time you pay us to fix your fine, you may as well have paid the fine. 

A lot of people are familiar with law firms that operate like "tort trolls." These are lawyers who know how to work the system so that you will pay them to go away. They enter lawsuits that they know aren't valid. They target people who can't afford to defend themselves in court. And they ask for less money than a court battle would cost. They know that almost everyone will pay the money rather than go to court. The state of Washington operates the same way. For the most part, they just want a fine. Most fines can be negotiated down to about half what you were originally fined. You don't want to pay a lawyer to do that for you. You wouldn't save any money. 

We handled many cases for daycare owners and daycare centers. Click Here for a free legal guide for a daycare provider who wants to fight an unfair or inaccurate punishment. Click here for a flowchart guide to the hearing process. We will update this site with guides for the other agencies. 

Our guide will help you focus your defense and negotiate. We are also available for a consult if you want. Our clients have always been hardworking and honest people. Don't let anyone intimidate you. Don't lose your business. Protect yourself. You can do it. 

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Review posted on Yelp March 2017 -

"Elizabeth Steen is an AMAZING lawyer! She went above and beyond our expectations on the case we hired her for! She really cares about her clients and it shows in how hard she works for you. I would recommend her to any Nurse, CNA, Dr., etc.., who is having to deal with State licensing disputes. Again...AMAZING person. AMAZING work ethic. Amazing tenacity!"

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Review posted on Google Review April 2017

"There is NO better Administrative Law Lawyer in the Pacific Northwest, period!! Mrs. Elizabeth Steen, Attorney at Law, represented ACME Moving Labor, against the state of Washington, Utilities Transportation Commission, and won!!

Prior to hiring Mrs. Steen, ACME Moving Labor, hired two lame duck attorneys, one of the attorneys was named a "Super Lawyer" what a joke he turned out to be along with the second attorney.

Mrs. Steen, took ACME Moving Labor's case evaluated the facts and provided ACME Moving Labor with a potential outcome. I must be honest and say I did not believe the outcome Mrs. Steen presented was possible.

Not only did Mrs. Steen's outcome conclude with an on-point victory. Mrs. Steen controlled ACME Moving Labor's case like no other attorney we have ever dealt with in all our professional careers.

If you the reader knows of anyone that needs an Administrative Law Lawyer Mrs. Elizabeth Steen is that lawyer. Do not waste your time talking to another lawyer.

Thank you very much, Mrs. Steen, your are the BEST!"

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