I received an investigation request, statement of charges, or notice of alleged professional misconduct in the mail - is this important?


A notice of investigation or a statement of charges requires immediate follow up from the business owner or professional license holder. Most states allow only a small amount of time to clarify any mistakes or request a hearing to prove your innocence. If you miss the deadline to request review of the matter - often you'll have less than a month from the date the letter was mailed - the state will consider your silence an admission. The charges will be entered on the record as the true, even if they're not. This could have serious consequences. You will likely lose your business license and your ability to practice in your profession. Most states also now require even voluntary license surrenders to be reported to the FBI in a criminal background check. Because of these consequences, it is very important that you respond immediately to the agency that sent the letter with the proper paperwork and documentation.