Can the state shut down my business or suspend my license even if I didn't do anything wrong?


A state or federal agency can revoke a business or professional license immediately if a complaint or statement of charges is allowed to stand unchallenged. It doesn't matter if the charge is true. For the purpose of the state's record, any charge that is not defended has been admitted and will be part of the business owner's permanent record. Most states now require these "admitted" violations, or even a voluntary license surrender, to be reported to the FBI's national criminal database, where it will appear on all background checks. A business owner who has done nothing wrong can lose the ability to practice in his field or ever obtain a license again. To avoid such an unfair result, it's very important to respond to every investigation or contact from the state with accurate information and well-kept records. State employees no longer have the time or resources to try to find the truth. A business owner or professional licensee has to be proactive when dealing with a regulator.