A state investigator called or visited my business. What do I do?


Most conscientious business owners try to follow state or federal regulations. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to know when something changes in the regulatory system. Some state websites are updated infrequently, and state employees have been known to continue distributing outdated information (People always ask, but unfortunately no, there is no penalty to a state employee for making this mistake - state employees can't be sued even if their minor mistake has major consequences for the business owner). It's usually better to request a formal interview and written questions if a state agency employee visits your business or reaches you on the telephone. It's important not to assume that you know the rules you should be following off the top of your head. Even if your business is in compliance with all regulations, you might not remember what the rules are when you're having a phone conversation about a filing that you check once a year. Don't take chances.