Lack of state resources harms Washington's economic competiveness

Even excellent programs and facilities can encounter an inaccurate, biased, or even deliberately malicious complaint submitted to a state agency. Given the lack of adequate state resources to properly investigate these complaints, the agency may wrongly shut down a hard-working, conscientious small business owner. 

Employees of the Department of Health, the Department of Early Learning, the Department of Financial Institutions, or other state agency are often over-worked. The investigator handling a complaint might be simply too busy to do even the most basic investigation of the merits of the charge. Even a baseless complaint may be forwarded to the governing board for charges. Once charges are entered, the state can quickly suspend or permanently revoke both a personal professional license and a facility's license. This license suspension or revocation will show up on a criminal background check for all future job applications for the license holder, and may well prevent the licensee from finding employment again. 

Washington Business Advocates promotes transparency and accountability for state agencies in the state of Washington because we can't afford to let strained state resources continue to harm our state economy. Inadequate investigations hurt Washington state's economic competitiveness. We need full disclosure of all agency regulatory compliance investigations and rulemaking activities.