Any state action can be serious...

Losing your professional license can happen quickly after a state agency begins an investigation. Unfortunately, the loss of a license will not only prevent you from working in your past profession, but often will also make it more difficult to find a job in other professions. The suspension can even affect your job search in another state. 

Washington state requires a fingerprint database background check for every adult who works in an adult family home, a day care, or in any other setting where employees have access to vulnerable adults or children. These fingerprint checks are handled through the Washington State Police. Everyone who submits a fingerprint card will be entered in a national database monitored by the FBI. 

Once your fingerprints are in this national database, any negative action against your license will be reported in any future background checks by an employer. For example if a license holder voluntarily agrees to surrender a license as a certified nursing assistant or adult family home operator under a deal with the Department of Social and Health Services, this surrender will appear on the list of '"Negative Actions" reported by the Secretary of DSHS. Once on this list, the former license holder may not be hired for any job that requires contact with vulnerable adults or children in the state of Washington, or any other state with similar requirements.

Don't risk your future ability to find a job by agreeing to a deal with any state agency before your situation is reviewed by someone with your long-term best interests in mind. Educate yourself before agreeing to any action against your license.