Washington Business Advocates attorneys have the background, the interest, and the ability to handle challenging administrative law cases. We prioritize agency hearings and have developed an unusual level of understanding of Washington agency rules and the options available to protect defendants facing investigations, negative actions, or agency hearings. 

Elizabeth de Bagara advises clients facing disciplinary actions and professional misconduct allegations. These can  range from standard of care issues and records keeping violations to allegations of professional misconduct and appeals to the Superior Court of Washington State.  Her diverse regulatory and compliance experience include successfully defending investigations and adjudicative hearings before many Washington state agencies, including the Department of Health, the Department of Financial Institutions, the Department of Licensing, and the Office of Administrative Hearings, and working with compliance and investigations for federal agencies that include the Transportation Security Administration, Federal Emergency Management Agency, and the Securities and Exchange Commission.  

Elizabeth graduated from Indiana University Maurer School of Law - Bloomington in 2007. She interned in the United States Senate and worked as a consultant for various agencies in D.C. before moving to Seattle to be nearer to family. She is active in many Seattle organizations, including Feet First and the Greater Seattle Business Association.

John Cyr has worked with small business owners and professional licensees in Washington state for one year. John graduated from Seattle University School of Law in May 2012 and is licensed by the Washington State Bar Association. He worked two years with the Washington Defender Association while in school and has won many awards, including the 2008 Hogan Entrepreneurial Business Plan Competition for his work developing an online green products retail company. 

John is a strong advocate for Washington residents. In addition to administrative law, he is experienced in landlord-tenant defense, home foreclosure defense, and consumer debt protection. In his spare time, John enjoys writing and performing music, teaching guitar, and volunteering at the Housing Justice Project. John is also an avid reader and outdoor enthusiast.