Each year, hundreds of business owners and professional license holders in Washington state are unable to successfully defend themselves in an agency hearing. Unfortunately, many people lose their business and ability to practice in their profession as a result of excessive and inaccurate charges entered by state agencies. Employees of the state of Washington frequently fail to follow  state laws that protect business owners and licensees in a state investigation.  State law allows competitors and disgruntled patients and clients to complain about other business owners and licensed professionals. State employees do not always have the time and resources to find the truth. Washington's economy cannot afford to lose conscientious licensed professionals and small business owners who want to follow the law. 

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Unlike most attorneys in Washington state, Washington Business Advocates lawyers have experience with agency hearings and the regulatory framework that governs adjudicative proceedings. Very few lawyers can defend a business in an agency hearing. Protections afforded by state agency rules are completely different than those provided to appellants in Washington state courts. This area of lawrequires detailed analysis. There is little room for error when interpreting the many intersecting agency rules under state law. Experience and training matters. 

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Washington Business Advocates Specializes in Professional License Defense

Washington Business Advocates handles professional license defense in Washington state. We help professionals defend their license and their ability to operate a business in compliance with rules and investigations set by DOH, DFI, DSHS, DEL, OAH, and other Washington state agencies. We work with state agencies and the Office of Administrative Hearings to give business owners the resources they need to keep operating in Washington State. 

Our professionals have the experience and the contacts to efficiently find a solution to your regulatory or licensing issue. Our team has worked with state agencies that include the Department of Health (DOH), the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), the Department of Financial Institutions (DFI), the Department of Licensing (DOL), the Department of Early Learning (DEL), the Department of Employment Security (DES), the Department of Ecology (DOE), and the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR). 

We have successfully defended more than 100 Washington professionals who faced the loss of their professional license and in some cases were nearly forced to close the businesses they had built through years of hard work and sacrifice. We can navigate the agency's often opaque process and protect clients from the consequences of an inadequate investigation or a mistake by a state employee. We preserve the license holder's ability to continue to operate a business or work in his or her chosen field, and thereby contribute to the Washington economy. 

Washington Business Advocates can defend and negotiate with state agencies in:  

  • Administrative enforcement actions
  • Regulatory rule-makings
  • Fact-finding investigations
  • Licensing and regulatory approval proceedings
  • Interpretive rulings
  • Public disclosure matters

Practice areas include: 

  • Regulatory litigation and appellate work
  • Medical license boards
  • Dental license hearings
  • Securities and stock broker boards
  • Real estate licensure 
  • Administrative hearings for all other licensed professionals

Unlike most law firms, Washington Business Advocates can keep hourly fees low because regulatory disputes and administrative defenses require negotiation more than time-consuming paperwork wars (like most litigation proceedings). State investigations require a fact-based approach based on Alternative Dispute Resolution practices, rather than the traditional litigation theory of "bury them in paperwork." Elizabeth de Bagara is experienced with dealing with state and federal regulators at all levels. She knows how to quickly find the person to talk to who can make a difference. Her targeted approach can keep your legal expenses low.  She can rely on experience and connections to know who to call and what documentation to submit to keep your business running. Hourly rates are  based on a work schedule that you approve ahead of time, before any work is performed. Flat fee payment schedules are also available. Cash, check, and all major credit cards accepted.